The climate in Andalucía is perfect and there is a genuine passion for a wide variety of sports here. We know all the local clubs, schools and coaches and spend the time to ensure you have the right level and age group for your fixtures.

We can also provide high quality coaching in the sports listed below. Pitches are natural grass, 4G Astro, plus indoor and outdoor courts are available for both netball and basketball.


Football is a passion in Spain and there are lots of local clubs and schools happy to welcome visiting teams. We hosted our own tournament at our local club Cortijillos over Easter 2019 featuring UK and local teams and are keen to run another in 2020. The standard of the clubs and schools is high, but they are so many options that we will be able to find the right fixture for your teams. The pitches here are generally 4G AstroTurf, however some clubs play on grass. The experience of playing against a different style of football is something that all our touring teams have really enjoyed.

We can also organise stadium visits to Malaga and Sevilla which are popular with touring teams.


Netball is a very popular sport in Gibraltar and there are many clubs based there. The main centre of Netball is at the Victoria stadium, close to the border so walking to fixtures is easy. The standard is high, and we offer matches against Gibraltar clubs and the local independent school Prior Park. The ability to offer Netball is a great reason to tour as the short haul tour options are limited. We often welcome multi-sport tours including Netball with mixed groups which work well.


We can organise fixtures both locally in Algeciras and in Gibraltar. The facilities for hockey in Gibraltar are high standard and we have a good relationship with Gibraltar Hockey. They are enthusiastic about playing touring teams and have both male and female teams at all ages. They regularly host festivals and tournaments and are always looking for more teams to compete.


Basketball is a major sport in Spain and is played by Spanish schools and clubs as well as our local international schools. We arrange fixtures both in Spain and Gibraltar as well as running training camps.

Working with Chus Mateo, the assistant coach of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, we ran a training and talent spotting camp in the area that attracted players from all over Europe. We also have a top European club based in Malaga so watching high level basketball matches is also a good option during your tour.


There are several teams playing on the Costa del Sol, taking advantage of our perfect climate for cricket. They are based at the Cartama Oval 15 minutes inland from Marbella featuring a high quality grass pitch and pavilion. The Costa del Sol cricket club fields teams at Senior and Junior levels.

Cricket has also traditionally been popular in Gibraltar and the game is thriving with male and female teams playing regularly in local and international competitions. All the cricket teams here are very keen to welcome touring teams.